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More and more businesses globally are realising the severity of having disengaged staff in their workforces, especially the impact to a company’s bottom line.

Quite often staff retention and engagement are left to HR to deal with, something which they are not usually specialised in. Their area of expertise may lie more in advising managers on the appropriate policies and applicable laws as well as resolving issues that arise between management and employees.

It’s actually more the responsibility of Directors, Senior managers, managers and team leaders. They are the ones who should be working together to help with the problem of poor retention and engagement. Staff members are also responsible to a smaller degree as well I feel, however, they do need a reason to be engaged at work before we can talk about how they can help to maintain it.

So, back to our leaders, these people also need to feel engaged so they can inspire their teams and in doing so alleviate the problem of disengagement. It therefore has to start with the people at the very top.

When it comes to work force engagement, everything must always come from the top and be in line with the business’ core values. Just as values can lose their potency over time and go off track, so can staff morale and their level of commitment to the business. Do they remember or even know why the company started in the first place and what it is all about?

Last year, Towers Watson published the results of a study of 31 economies around the world. It showed that more than one-third of employers surveyed (35%) reported an increase in employee turnover over the same period. Alarmingly, the study also found that just four in 10 employees report that they are “highly engaged”.

Many leaders tell us, with regard to engagement, that they run a ‘people survey’ and that engagement is the responsibility of HR or those running the survey.
The message, culture and ‘feel’ that comes out of the boardroom from all the directors and senior leaders, is that which will be carried all the way down to the newest and the least senior member of the workforce. This is THE place to start if you want to stop your people leaving.

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