Robert Lattibeaudiere
Mindset & Life Coach

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Robert Lattibeaudiere
Mindset & Life Coach

Personal – Professional – Sport – Performance coaching
Personal coaching

I use various life coaching techniques to help you get more of what you want from life and less of what you don’t. My passion is understanding the mind-sets of people who’ve achieved successful lives; whether it be in their personal lives, sport or business. I’ve spent many years studying what separates them from the rest and I share this with you, so you can tap into your potential and get the life you want.

I am very passionate about what I do. Working with me isn’t just about getting ‘advice’, it’s working with someone who can help you find the answers to your problems, overcome them long term, and see yourself more clearly.

I don’t work from a set script or standard program. Most coaches can help you a little here and there; I’m here to change your life. Everything I do is personal to your situation. You talk to me, I take it in and, together, we take your life from where it is to where you want it to it be.

I help you discover how your mind has a way of working against your best interest, and show you how to get it working for you so you have more control over it going forward. I don’t solve your problems, I help you change your way of thinking and your problems then solve themselves.

I’ve always had a passion for performance psychology, personal development and anything to do with human behaviour. From studying everything I can about all three and working with people in business, sport and as a coach, I’ve learnt that people’s behaviour has a pattern. Once I show you how these patterns are formed, you’ll be able to overcome the behaviours that you want to change.

I have worked with boxers, body builders, personal trainers and other athletes to help them develop winning mind-sets that enable them to overcome the blocks preventing them from achieving their goals.
Often people in sport spend most of their time working on the technical aspects of their game or fitness. The mental side however is often neglected. This part of training and preparation can mean the difference between winning and losing.
We’re very good at allowing our minds to work against us.
Before an event we come up with a multitude of reasons why we’re going to fail. We tell ourselves that we’re just not good enough, tall enough, haven’t practised enough, we’re too tired, too weak, too stressed out!  Sometimes it’s factors outside of yourself; you’ve just come back from a bad injury, moved to a new club and you’re suffering from a loss of confidence. You become anxious and all of these limiting beliefs can affect your performance leading you to fail rather than succeed.
The reason that top athletes dominate is their mind-set.
People are unique in how they think and go about what they do, none more so than people in sport.  I work with individuals and teams to tailor bespoke programmes to suit their specific situation or challenge.  I help them to have a clear understanding of what’s going on in the mind and the impact it has on their sporting performance.
I help you to visualise success and eliminate doubt and limiting beliefs. Together we develop the motivation and enthusiasm to build a mind-set that has you totally focused on the result you want. This gives you the mental strength and ability to perform at your best, again and again.
Free consultation

For my initial consultation I offer a complimentary session to understand your current situation and see if I’m the right person to take you forward. We’ll only get the best results if we have trust and understanding, and I want to help you get the best out of yourself which will only happen if you feel comfortable with me.

After our initial consultation, if we’re both happy we’ll discuss my fee and how we take your journey forward.

My programmes are bespoke to your needs. I don’t believe in one size fits all. Human beings are complex, multi-layered, emotional creatures and I work on an individual basis with everyone. This might be hourly over a few weeks, monthly on an ongoing basis, or on my intensive ‘full-access’ programmes which run for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Having a strong sporting background, I want my clients to ‘win’ in whatever it is they’re trying to achieve. With that in mind, I give my all to my clients and, if they do the same, I guarantee we’ll be successful together.

You’ve decided to visit my site and making a decision is the first step in making a change. So you’ve just taken that crucial, first step forward. Now contact me for a free consultation and let’s finish the journey together.

Professional coaching
I believe in developing inspirational and motivational business cultures that encourage learning, growth & development for everyone.

My vision is to create environment where everyone feels inspired in their work, they believe in and embody the company’s values and feel fulfilled by the contribution they make to the organisation’s success.

Valuing your team members promotes the freedom and creativity which lead to the success of any business. It’s been proven that, in highly engaged organisations, staff turnover can be reduced by 90% and colleague engagement translates directly to a company’s bottom line. Companies with engaged employees have a more productive and profitable workforce.

I specialise in helping companies develop their culture and successfully engage their people. With over 25 years’ experience, I understand that no two businesses are the same and teams are driven by different things. So, I get to know your business first to understand the existing culture and what drives your workforce. This is key to developing the right approach to help you bring about change.

And what makes me different is, I give you the tools to bring about these changes. I help you every step of the way and ensure long lasting motivation and inspiration within your teams.

Whether you’re looking to increase performance through colleague engagement, or develop the right core values and culture for what you aspire to do, I can help you achieve this and more.

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