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4 steps to make a hope a habit


I work with businesses, individuals, body builders, boxers and other athletes. Those who are super successful tend to be the ones whose mindsets enable them to build and follow through with highly effective, daily habits.   I’ve always been fascinated by what goes on inside their brains – what separates them from the rest?  A lot of people throw around phrases like “naturally gifted” or, “they were born with an unnatural ability”. And they may have a small case to make but, contrary to what you might think, there’s far more to it than that.  

Over the years I’ve studied the mindset of top performers to enable me to help everyone I work with, not just sports and business people, but individuals wanting more from life. One of the books I read recently, which was co-written by a highly respected performance coach, was ‘Organise Tomorrow Today’. 

In it they speak about overcoming the ‘fight-thrus’. It’s the point where your initial euphoria of “I’m going to make this happen!” Becomes “I’m not sure about this”, “it wont matter if I miss today” or “this is tougher than I thought.”

They speak about having the ability to overcome two or three of these important battles with yourself to be able to make a habit become second nature. 

They speak about there being three phases to habit formation: The Honeymoon, The Fight-Thru and Second Nature.  Meaning it starts out fun, then it gets hard, then it’s easy. 

Most people tend to go through this when trying to develop a habit and have to consistently perform at the very top.  Most people can do the honeymoon phase when everything seems easy, then as soon as it gets hard, they fail to FIGHT-THRU, which of course means they fail to have habit installation, where it becomes second nature to them. 

It’s not just sports and business people who have this problem, we all go through this, but once you recognise it and have a plan for how to overcome it, you can take whatever you’re doing to the next level. 

In the book they speak about 4 tips to make it happen, which briefly are: 

1: Ritualise. Put things on autopilot. Make it easy to repeat your behaviour. Have your day planned so you don’t have to think and waste time or energy. 

2: Recognise. Recognise. Simply knowing (!) that you will inevitably encounter that little, whiny voice trying to negotiate with you that *today* is the day to skip our commitment is a HUGE part of the process of winning fight-thrus. Quit being surprised. Recognise a fight-thru when it’s happening and crush it. “Ah, this is a fight-thru. I’ve got this!”

fight thru

3: Ask Two Questions. We need to coach ourselves. Two questions = 1) “How will I feel if I win this fight-thru?” and 2) “How will I feel if I LOSE this fight-thru.” <— Powerful.

4: Life Projection. Take 30 seconds (right now!!!!) to imagine your life in 5 years if you consistently win your fight-thrus and install whatever new behaviours you’re fired up about. SEE IT. FEEL IT. Get fired up about who you are becoming and what your life will look like.

Remember the biggest factor in anyone, reaching that level is their relentless ability to consistently win the fight-thrus.

You’ve got this! 

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